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With a bachelor’s degree in media engineering and a master in media design, I have specialized in the development of Web and Desktop applications. I started with an apprenticeship as a general computer specialist in Lausanne in ETML. Subsequently, I was trained at the engineering school of Yverdon (HEIG-VD) as a media engineer. I touch all technologies, especially Web technologies, graphics engines such as Unity and desktop development in C# / WPF & Java / JavaFX.

I am a full-stack developer, which allows me to develop both front-end and back-end and thus follow projects in all their technical and design specificities.

I have multiple capabilities: I have the ability to model and design a database, develop web / mobile applications with various frameworks, design Java or C # business software with interfaces oriented user friendly in JavaFX, WPF, HTML5 or with frameworks like ReactJS. I recently added a string to my bow by developing augmented and virtual reality applications. I am also comfortable on graphics software such as Illustrator, Photoshop or Maya (3D).

For personality, I would say that I am someone conscientious, who loves the job well done and successful. I think I’m pretty good at computing and what I like about it is that really everything is possible, there is no boundary and the opportunity to learn is constant. I am of a very positive and jovial nature.

I can bring to your company my motivation for excellence, multiple complementary computing skills and a deeply positive thinking about the problems naturally encountered in the engineering world.

To get a better idea of my abilities and an overview of my projects, I suggest you visit my portfolio and my CV page.